Check Youth Hostels Card validity



In Portugal, the Youth Hostels Card may only be issued for Portuguese citizens or foreigners with residence permits.


What is it for? 
Youth Hostels Cardgives you access to all the Youth Hostels worldwide. In Portugal the presentation of the card is mandatory, unless you present the European Youth Card instead. 

What age should I have to get one? 
You can have the Youth Hostels Card from the age of 12.


Until what age may I have it?
There is no upper age limit.

What is its validity?
This card stays valid for 12 months from the date of issue.


Where can I use it?
You can use the Youth Hostels Card in any Youth Hostel in Portugal or any other country.

What documents do I need in order to get the card?
You just need your passport or ID card. 

Can I lend my card to someone else?
It is a personal and non-transferable card, so it can’t be used by any other person.

If I book more than one room, will I need a card per room or per person?
It is a personal and non-transferable card, but only the person with the reservation is forced to have it, regardless of the number of rooms that are booked.

How much is it?
It costs 2,50€.

Where can I buy it?
- In Youth Hostels
- The Youth Hostels Card can briefly be issued online.

Where can I renew it?
When the Youth Hostels Card expires, you can renew it in any of the places above.


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