The National Network of Youth Tourism (RNTJ) consists of the Youth Hostels of Portugal managed by Movijovem.

These are places where people from different regions and cultures get together. They can be used with no restriction of age, gender, nationality, creed or ideology and their aim is to promote interchange and mobility among young people.

All clients must present the Hostelling International Card at any Youth Hostel of the National Network or buy a Guest Card at the reception and the Welcome Stamps (one stamp for each nigth).


Best price in Serra da Estrela between 15/06/2019 and 16/06/2019 (1 night)

Room Type Max WEBSITE RATE European Youth Card Quantity
Private Room 4 beds with wc 60.00€ 48.00€
Twin Old Room with WC 34.10€ 27.28€
Twin Room with WC adapted 38.50€ 30.80€
Twin Room with WC 38.50€ 30.80€
Private Room 12 beds without wc 145.20€ 116.16€
Private Room 8 beds without wc 96.80€ 77.44€
Private Room 8 beds without wc 96.80€ 77.44€
Male bed shared room of 12 12.10€ 9.68€
Male bed shared room of 8 12.10€ 9.68€
Female bed shared room of 8 12.10€ 9.68€


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General Conditions of Portuguese Youth Hostels Network.

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