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Alijó: a splendid kingdom nearby

The youth hostel of Alijó offers multiple activities linked to the nature and adventure sports.

Located in a region surrounded by the beauty of Douro, the Youth Hostel of Alijó gives the perfect conditions have a well-deserved break to whom wishes to visit Alijó and the wine region.

The starting point must be the Douro International Nature Park, world heritage, and be fulfilled with just a glance of the eye. The landscapes of the region, the local traditional food and the local culture of the ancient people are some the points of interest.

Turning into the adventure, this is a place of worship. You can absorb the local knowledge, taste the traditional food and, at the end of the day you can enjoy the peaceful Youth Hostel of Alijó, which is available to everyone who wants to come.


They say that the most inaccessible places are the most beautiful. The Douro is the proof of that. Come on and prove it.

Alijó is a small village at 45 kilometres from the districs capital, Vila Real (20 to 25 minutes by car following the A4 motorway), in a region that Miguel Torga named “marvellous kingdom”: Trás-os-Montes.

Actually, there isn’t just a Trás-os-Montes, there are plenty of them. Those are the ones that forms that so called “kingdom”.

The Douro region was classified by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in 2001. Let’s dive in a place where you can breathe in beauty. A land where the wine and wineries have a strong connection, sculpted hills and vineyards made by hand.

The Youth Hostel of Alijó is one of the most modern and it stays close to the centre of the village. Around the place, you can admire the stately houses of Távoras and the monumental Sycamore tree (considered a National Monument) planted by warrant of Viscount Ribeira in 1856. A tree with more than 160 which despite the age, remains as beautiful as it can get.

While you walk through the village, you have to know that the village was along ago called Allyjoo. In the XII century, this region was a border to the between the Arab and Christians. Later, rose as a region of high nobility and bourgeoisie thanks to the Charter of D. Sancho, D. Afonso the 3rd and, in 1514 at the Charter of El Rei Manuel the 1st which is in Torre de Moncorvo (village).

The population of the area is older than that and there are several clues that proves it, like forts, cave paintings (Pala Pinta) and Roman Roads.

Near the Hostel there are a few restaurants, like Pelourinho Restaurant where you can taste traditional food as the most appetizing roasted lamb, portuguese stew, pork tripes, smoked meat. Gourmet restaurants are also available in here like Cêpa Torta. Don’t have it all, you have to save a little space to taste the desserts: Cavaca, almonds covered with cream, “quinzinhos”, almond pudding, borrachão cake (cake covered in sweet wine), meatloaf, and

the most amazing bread you’ll ever tasted cooked in Favaios. You can ask where you can buy the four cornered bread and who knows you can hear some stories about Salazar…

Being in Alijó is mandatory to go to Favaios, which is next to Alijó (2 kilometres). A little further, you can visit the the place where the famous Moscatel wine is made. Have an appointment at Quinta da Avessada and you’ll have a spectacular afternoon. Guaranteed! Besides, you can also taste Moscatel Wine and see the whole process from the grape to the table. Talking about table, you can have diner here and who knows you can be surprised by a theatre group that resembles some of the traditions of the area.

In Favaios there is also the Bread Museum that joins the two treasures from there: bread and wine.

The day after, if the weather goes along and you have a car to your disposal, you must go down to the Douro River. There’s a road that leads to the railroad to Tua. In the way you’ll going to wish to stop a few times to admire the stunning landscapes, its exuberant colors specially in the autumn and rounded contours of the hills.

The old railway of Tua (considered one of the most beautiful in the world) is no longer available. A dam took place and the railway was submerged.

If you stay till the lunch time, go to “Calça Curta” restaurant, the place that attracts the people who goes along with the landscapes to religiously eat wild boar or river fish.

In the afternoon you can also go to the village of Miguel Torga, São Martinho de Anta a few kilometres from Alijó. You can see there the house where the writer lived and visit the place with his name on it which tells us his life and story.

If the time is not an issue, go to the viewpoint of São Lourenço de Galafura, that inspired Torga – “Á proa dum navio de Penedas, a navegar num doce mar de mosto…”- and certainly is going to inspire you.

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Points of interest

» Museu do Pão e Vinho de Favaios – Favaios

» Fundação Casa Museu Maurício Penha (Rota do vinho do Porto) – Sanfins do Douro

» Pala Pinta (Arte Rupestre) – Carlão

» Paisagem do Pinhão (UNESCO – Património Cultural da Humanidade) – Pinhão

» Painéis de Azulejos referentes a vida do Douro – Pinhão (estação de comboios)

» Palácio de Mateus – Vila Real

» Quinta da Avessada (Enoteca) – Favaios

» Plátano Centenário – Alijó

» Anta da Fonte Coberta – Vila Chão

» Miradouro de N. Sra. da Piedade – Sanfins do Douro

Theme parks

» Parque Aquático Naturwater Parque – Vila Real

Places for sports practice

» Ecoevasão – Carlão
» Club Pinhoense – Pinhão
» Naturimonte – Outdoor - Lamego

Leisure places nearby

» Praia Fluvial de Vale de Mendiz – Vale de Mendiz
» Praia Fluvial do Pinhão – Pinhão
» Caldas de Carlão – Carlão
» Piscinas Municipais de Alijó – Alijó
» Pavilhão Municipal de Alijó – Alijó
» Campo de Ténis – Alijó
» Kartódromo – Vila Real


» Parque Natural do Alvão – Vila Real 
» Parque Nacional da Peneda- Gerês – Montalegre
» Bacia Hidrográfica do Rio Douro: Barragem de Alijó, Barragem da Régua, Barragem Foz do Tua

Internet spots

» Auditório Municipal de Alijó
» Café da Paz – Alijó
» Alipão – Alijó
» Xokolatte bar – Alijó

Events and festivities

» Romaria Nª Sr.ª Conceição – 2º domingo de julho – Pinhão
» Romaria Nª Sr.ª Jesus da Capelinha – 2º domingo de julho – Vilar de Maçada
» Romaria Stª Maria Maior – 15 de agosto – Alijó
» Romaria Sr. Jesus do Outeiro – 1º domingo de agosto – Favaios
» Romaria Nª Srª da Piedade – 2º domingo de agosto – Sanfins do Douro

Night life

» Xokoltte bar –Alijó
» Mercado bar – Alijó
» Tabu – Alijó
» Torralta – Pinhão
» LBV – Pinhão
» Andrómeda – Vila Real 
» Quilate Bar – Vila Real
» B-club – Vila Real
» Xot’s - Vila Real
» Minister – Vila Real


» Pratos Tradicionais: bola de carne, cozido à Portuguesa, cabrito assado, carnes fumadas, feijoada à transmontana, milhos, bacalhau assado com batatas a murro, enchidos (alheira, chouriço de sangue e linguiças).

» Doces: sarrabulho doce, amêndoas cobertas, cavacas de Santa Eugénia, bolo borrachão, doce da Teixeira, toucinho-do-Céu, bolo mulato, fritas de chila, fritos de abóbora, quinzinhos.

» Vinhos: Vinho generoso (Porto), vinho moscatel (Favaios), vinho espumante.

» Pão: trigo de Favaios, pão de centeio (Favaios, Vila Chã e Agrelos), pão de trigo e centeio (Santa Eugénia).

Other points of interest

» Adega Cooperativa de Favaios: visitas guiadas todos os dias, sob marcação.
» Enoteca-Quinta da Avessada, Favaios:constitui um museu interativo alusivo à história e cultura da vinha e do vinho na região do Alto Douro. Uma viagem histórica, visitas guiadas, prova de vinhos interativa e visitas noturnas.

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