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Vila Nova de Cerveira

Vila Nova de Cerveira: the Village of arts and Nature

Mixed harmonious "Estado Novo" (old school) and modern architecture, the Youth Hostel of Vila Nova de Cerveira offers a pleasant set of different sensations.

Inserted in a small and hospitable village, its visitors can enjoy beautiful landscapes, against the backdrop of the Minho River on one side and the hill on the other, where the King Cervo monument provides the most luxuriant views. The Castelinho Park is one of the must visit places, as well as the Moinhos da Gávea or the Convento de San Payo. Being the "Village of the Arts", the International Biennial of Contemporary Art is the great ex-libris of the land. In summer the entertainment is guaranteed, with festivities, events and various concerts, but those who prefer to rest, enjoy an idyllic setting.

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Let yourself be fascinated by the culture, history and natural beauty of this small town and sleep in an old Primary School.

As soon as you arrive at Vila Nova de Cerveira, check in at the Youth Hostel. The building is a "dialogue" between the architecture of the New State (it was an old primary school) and modern architecture. A happy dialogue, it can be said, resulted in a very pleasant set to spend a beautiful vacation.

The Youth Hostel is a few meters from the Historic Center and everything here (or almost everything) can be explored on foot. Among the many things to do, three itineraries stand out: historical, art and nature.

A few minutes from the Youth Hostel is the Largo do Terreiro with its inviting terraces. Sit down and feel the peaceful atmosphere of the village. Soon you will begin to breathe history: the doors of the old Dom Dinis Castle are open to the Largo and invite you to enter. The Castle appeared around 1320, at the will of the monarch who gave it its name, with the purpose of defending the newly-created settlement of Vila Nova de Cerveira. It still preserves all the medieval coat of walls and offers excellent views over the village and the river.

Take advantage and then slowly walk through the streets and alleys dotted with art, traditional shops, picturesque houses, various tapas. Cerveira is a small village - you do not need to run! Enjoy the relaxing environment you enjoy, enjoy its gardens, its corners, go into "vacation" mode.

You must have noticed that the supply of restaurants and tapas is great. Choose where you want to taste some of the dishes of the region, such as the "D. Dinis deer", the Rio Minho lamprey, the shad and the corn biscuits.

After a quiet night in the old Primary School you come down to have a good breakfast. If the weather is clear, do not forget to climb Monte da Encarnação and the "Cervo". Written by the sculptor José Rodrigues, this work is located at the top of a hill, called Alto do Crasto and, due to its location, is a belvedere par excellence. Must go!

The "Deer" came as a way of honoring a village symbol. In ancient times, deer covered the fertile slopes in pastures.

If, on the contrary, time is not in season, do not be discouraged! You have some magnificent museums waiting. Take a jump to the Cerveira Biennial Museum and the San Payo Convent, where you will meet again with the work of the recently deceased master José Rodrigues. The convent has been carefully restored and is a fine example of convent architecture, where hundreds of pieces (sculptures, drawings, paintings) of man are one of the greatest references of contemporary Portuguese art.

Here, in the San Payo Convent, visits and awareness-raising workshops on Art and Nature are promoted, starting with the collections and works of José Rodrigues.

The Cerveira Biennial Museum is a repository of the national and international contemporary art of the last three decades, bringing together a collection of more than 400 works, representing most of the great Portuguese artists and some foreigners. Those who visit him come out with a notion of the evolution of the plastic arts in Portugal in recent years.

After lunch, you can take a short walk in the castelinho leisure park, next to the Minho River. Take the opportunity to visit the Aquamuseu: Public Aquarium of Rio Minho. In aquariums with volumes between 1200 and 5000 liters, the aquatic life of the most characteristic biotopes of the Minho river is exposed, divided into a spring zone, intermediate zone and estuary zone.

Still in Aquamuseu you will find a course that simulates the descent of the river. There is also a Fisheries Museum, a permanent exhibition of old and new fishing gear (professional and sporting), objects related to artisanal fishing, boat mock-ups and black and white photographs.

When you leave the museum, do not be surprised if you see people walking, exercising or cycling happily by the recently installed ecovias to escape the sedentary lifestyle. Don’t you have a bike? We make it available! In the chateau's own leisure park there are many more or less radical proposals to keep you in shape, taking advantage of the beauty of the place.

We bet you'll feel so good you'll want to stay longer!

Vila Nova de Cerveira Youth Hostel
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Points of interest

» Roteiro Histórico, vários locais
» Roteiro das Artes, vários locais
» Aquamuseu Rio Minho, Parque do Castelinho
» Museu da Bienal – Fórum Cultural, Av. das  Comunidades  Portuguesas
» Galeria da Casa do Turismo, Praça do Município
» Galeria da Biblioteca Municipal, Terreiro
» Casa do Artesão,  Rua Costa Brava
» Núcleo Interpretativo dos Moinhos da Gávea, Reboreda
» Parques temáticos
» Parque de Lazer do Castelinho, Av. dos Pescadores

Places for sports practice

» Aeroclube de Cerval, Vila Meã - Vila Nova de Cerveira
» ANIMAMINHO Challenger Adventure, Parque de Laser do Castelinho
» Portnautic, Parque de laser do castelinho
» MinhAventura, Parque de Laser do Castelinho
» Piscina Municipal, Av. de Tomiño
» Estádio Municipal, Av. de Tomiño
» Pavilhão Municipal de Desportos, Rua Luciano de Castro
» Pista Municipal de Atletismo, Estrada do Inatel
» Posto Náutico – Remo/Natação, Av. de Tomiño
» Ecopista, Parque de laser do castelinho
» Celtas do Minho – Escalada e Trilhos pedestres, Vila Nova de Cerveira
» Pavilhão Multiusos, Zona industrial Cerveira polo 2
» Locais de lazer nas proximidades
» Praia da Lenta
» Praia da Mota
» Parque de laser do Castelinho


» Praia da Lenta
» Monte da Sra. da Encarnação
» Monte da Pena
» Zona Ribeirinha
» Lagoa
» Aluguer de bicicletas
» Animaminho

Internet spots

» Biblioteca Municipal
» Solar dos Castros – Terreiro (centro da vila)
» Aquamuseu

Events and festivities

» Bienal Internacional de Arte (anos impares)
» Festas Concelhias (1º fim de semana de Agosto)
» Festa da Historia – Feira Medieval (Agosto)
» Queima de judas (Semana Santa)
» Dancecerveira – Festival Internacional de Dança (último fim de semana de junho)

Night life

» Lenta Caffé–Lovelhe

» Barril Bar - Terreiro

» Poço Bar – Terre

» Curt'isso - Taberna – Bar – Rua costa brava

» Beat caffé - Rua costa brava


» Arroz de lampreia, lampreia à Bordalesa, debulho de sável
» Biscoitos de Milho

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