ESPINHO: Catch this wave

Modern and comfortable, Espinho Youth Hostel was created regarding all details.

It is really close to the multipurpose sports pavilion, what makes the hostel very appealing for sport groups. It is also meant for families and solo travelers, as it is in a quiet place where nature and urbanism live in harmony.

Espinho Youth Hostel is surrounded by the new Greenway and by 2,5 acres of forest that are great for hikes and mountain biking.

From the hostel you can access almost everything: beaches, streams, a lake, indoor swimming-pools, street performative arts, cinema and music festivals, theatre, exhibitions, nightlife. And we cannot forget the traditional market at Mondays that brings so many people to the streets of Espinho.

Venture out!


Besides the beach, nature, good fish and various events, in Espinho you can find daylight stars and streets by numbers, just like The Big Apple!.

In Summer, and before you even set down, you can try a swim in one of the famous beaches of Costa Verde (Green Coast). There are 8km long of sand and water to the delight of bathers and surf lovers.

If you are venturesome, you can follow the path of the Gaia-Espinho Seaside-walking, which contemplates 23 kilometers cutting the sand. If the physical appeal is more modest, you can always enjoy a simple but equally pleasant promenade along the beach, from the Casino to the Fisherman's Quarter.

Speaking of Casino, this is one of town’s “emblem” so it can be a valid alternative for the colder days. Not necessarily to play. The Casino has good shows throughout the year and you are also welcome to have a drink at the very nice and comfortable lounge bar.

Just after breakfast, there is nothing better than walking through the typical streets of Espinho, all numbered like in NYC! You can visit the beautiful and majestic main Church, stroll through the inviting garden of João de Deus Park, in the heart of town. Heading down to the beach seaside board, maybe you’re lucky to watch one of the daily feats of the local fishermen, expert in Xávega, a very ancient art of fish drag.

Well, if you want to know more about this ancient and noble work, we advise you to visit the Espinho Municipal Museum, located in the former Fish Canning Factory, the current Forum of Art and Culture of Espinho (FACE), the right place for various exhibitions and events. It is a large and renovated space, where past and present join toghether, in a dynamic game that pleases those who enjoy Art and History.

But Art is not exclusive of FACE. There are several galleries awaiting you in the town center.

If the contact with nature in pure state is your right kind of “scene”, then the way forward is towards the luxuriant Lagoon of Paramos, an integral part of Barrinha de Esmoriz, a privileged place for those who delight in the observation of birds and nature in their wild state . Don’t forget your camera!

Once there in Paramos, takeyour time to visit the Archaeological Station of Castro de Ovil (Lugar do Monte) or to the local Horse Riding Center (Corredoura’s Place).

Returning to Espinho and because the stomach starts to ache, we suggest a good dish of ... fish, of course! How about a local stew or a delicious spit of seafood? Or a tasty seafood “risotto”or anglerfish, succulent grilled squid or stewed squid? Hmmmm ... sounds tasty!

After lunch you can choose between the fun speed of a kart racing in the 'Indoor Karting' of the 20th Street, try to master the waves on a surfboard, a bike ride ...

But if you're inclined to something less hectic why not visit the Multimedia Center?

It is a boat-shaped building, architecturally interesting. The space includes different spaces, in a variety of cultural offerings such as cinema, auditoriums, exhibition rooms for artistic and cultural events, foyer, bar, galleries, workshops ...

And now ... Do you like to watch the stars? So don’t move out! Multimeios also offers an astronomical Observatory located on the top floor, equipped with one of the largest telescopes nationwide, with highly powerful digital cameras capable of photographing distant Universe objects!

The Planetarium share prominence with the Observatory. Endowed with an innovative high resolution digital system, this allows a 360 degree projection, which completely surrounds the viewer with image, in a true immersive experience. The entire dome of the planetarium is filled with moving image, capable of projecting movies as well as generated image in real time. Anyway, you may travel through the universe!

Whichever time of the year you visit us, you can still delight in numerous cultural and artistic events. There is the Espinho International Music Festival (FIME), always with great musicians; There is the FEST and Cinanima for cinema lovers of all ages; there are sports (surf and other beach sports like volley and soccer!), festivals and local religious fests such as Nossa Senhora da Ajuda or Nossa Senhora do Mar, among other emblematic events such as the Living Statues or “8/24 Festival”.

What are you waiting for? Take your gear and make way to Espinho!

Espinho Youth Hostel 
Price per person/night: from 10€, with breakfast included. 

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Points of interest

» Museu Municipal (sito ao FACE) – Rua 41
» Fórum de Arte e Cultura de Espinho (antiga Fábrica de Conservas Brandão Gomes) – Rua 41
» Palacete Rosa Pena (“Arte Nova”) – Espinho
» Vila Maria (início séc. XX) – Rua 62
» Centro Multimeios – Avenida 24
» Academia de Música – Rua 34
» Antigo Matadouro (atual ACDE - 1940)
» Fosforeira Portuguesa (“Estado Novo”) – Rua 20
» Estação Arqueológica – Castro de Ovil – Lugar do Monte (Paramos)

Theme parks

» Ludoteca/Centro Azul - Praia da Baía

Places for sports practice

» Oporto Golf Clube – Rua do Golf (Paramos)
» Aeródromo – Aero Clube Costa Verde (Aeromodelismo) – Estrada de Paramos
» Centro Hípico – Lugar de Corredoura (Paramos)
» Nave Polivalente de Espinho – Lugar de Sales (Silvalde)
» Pavilhão da Associação Académica de Espinho – Praceta Arquiteto Jerónimo Reis
» Passeio Marítimo (marginal das praias)
» Parque da Cidade – Ecovia - Lugar de Sales (Silvalde)
» Pavilhão Desportivo de Anta

Leisure places nearby

» Praias: Praia da Baía, Praia das Sereias (Surf/Bodyboard), Praia Azul, Praia Costa Verde, Praia Marbelo, Praia de Paramos, Praia Pop, Praia Seca, Praia de Silvalde
» Balneário Marinho (com água do mar) – Rua 6
» Piscina Solário Atlântico
» Complexo Desportivo das Cassufas (Anta)
» Campo Sintético da Seara (Silvalde)
» Campo Sintético de Paramos
» Indoor Karting – Rua 20 (Zona Industrial)
» Complexo Ténis – Rua do Porto (Silvalde)


» Lagoa de Paramos – Barrinha de Esmoriz – (observatório de aves)
» Parque João de Deus – jardim no centro de Espinho
» Ribeira do Mocho
» Ribeira de Silvalde
» Ribeira de Rio Maior 

Internet spots

» Centro Multimeios - Avenida 24
» Estado Líquido Bar – Avenida 8, nº 796
» The Net House and Coffee – Rua 62
» Junta de Freguesia de Espinho – Rua 23

Events and festivities

» FIME – Festival Internacional de Música de Espinho
» CINANIMA – Festival Internacional de Cinema de Animação
» FEST – Festival de Cinema e Vídeo Jovem
» Festa de N.Sra. da Ajuda – 3º domingo de setembro
» Festa de N. Sra. do Mar – 1º domingo de agosto

Night life

» Casino Solverde – Rua 19
» Discoteca Sweet – (Indoor Karting Espinho) - Rua 20

» Bares:
Beer & Beer – Rua 27
BomBar – Rua 2
Centenário Bar – Avenida 8
Dolché Bar – Rua 2
Carpe Diem Caffe & Bar – Avenida 8
Bar Panorâmico – Casino -  Rua 19
Improvisos – Avenida 8
Bar Praia das Sereias – Rua 2
Costa Verde – Av. Maia-Brenha
Marbello – Av. Maia-Brenha
Ondas – Av. Maia-Brenha
Pop Bar – Av. Maia-Brenha
Praia Azul – Av. Maia-Brenha
Surfing – Praia da Baía


» Camarão de Espinho, sopa de peixe, caldeirada de peixe à Moda de Espinho, arroz de marisco, arroz de tamboril, espetada de peixe, espetada de frutos do mar.

Other points of interest

» Planetário /Centro Multimeios,  Avenida 24
» Espaços Infantis: Centro Multimeios, “Alameda 8”, “O Fintabolista”
» Talassoterapia – Balneário Marinho
» Artesanato: cestaria, bordados, trabalhos em bambu, tanoaria, tapeçaria, Violinos Capela

» Mercados e Feiras:
Feira dos “Peludos” : 1º domingo cada mês – entre Ruas 27 e 41
Mercado semanal – todas as segundas-feiras
Mercado diário – no edifício da Rua 16 com Rua 23
Teatro e Marionetas de Mandrágora – FACE – Forum de Arte e Cultura de Espinho – Rua 41 / Av. João de Deus

» Galerias:
Galeria Quatro39 – Rua 25
Galeria Zeller – Rua 14
Atelier Silvia Vale – Rua 21
Galeria Junta de Freguesia de Espinho – Rua 23
Galeria Centro Multimeios – Avenida 24
Galeria do Casino – Rua 19

» Auditórios:
Centro Multimeios – Avenida 24
Academia de Música – Rua 34
Casino Solverde – Rua 19

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