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Guimarães: conquest the cradle city

Here is a unique opportunity to get to know the secrets of Guimarães and its surroundings…

Located in the center of town, Guimarães Youth Hostel is a privileged starting point to visit the historical center – World Heritage since 2001 – with all of its typical little streets and cozy plazas. In your way to the Castle, you can visit the Ducal Palace and pretend you’re living in ancient times.

To recover strengths, go down to Oliveira plaza and enjoy a drink in a terrace.

Penha Mountain is a lovely destiny to enjoy the amazing panoramic view. It’s only a 7 km distance all uphill… maybe you will prefer get the cable car to go there!

Guimarães is vibrant, full of history and cultural animation.

How much time will you wait to discover the city and be aware of what you are missing?


The centennial building, full of history and memories, has been completely restored and equipped so you do not miss anything! An indispensable opportunity to know the secrets of the city of Guimarães and surrounding areas ...

Located in the city centre, the Pousada is close to the historical centre of Guimarães - World Heritage since 2001! Thanks to its location, the Guimaraes Youth Hostel  is the ideal starting point for a visit to the Castle, passing the Ducal Palace, to the terrace of Oliveira square! Recovered the forces, climbs to Mount of Penha and enjoys the fantastic panoramic. It's only 7 km always up ... the best is to go on the cable car! Guimarães is a city full of life, history and cultural animation. How much longer are you going to let go to discover the city and realize what you're missing?

Let yourself  be carried away by the culture and history of Portugal, taste the toucinho-do-céu (conventual pastry) and go up close to the sky to Penha mountain.

As soon as you arrive in Guimarães, you will check in at Guimarães Youth Hostel , a centennial and restored house, full of details, gathering spaces (indoor and outdoor) and many stories to discover.

Guimarães Youth Hostel  is perfectly located to  explore the city by foot. It is located in the Historical Centre of Guimarães, classified by UNESCO as a World Heritage since 2001.

A few minutes away from Guimarães Youth Hostel  is Largo da Oliveira with its various terraces. Sit in one of them and we assure you that in an instant you will feel in vacation mode and begin to enter in the spirit and history of the city.

For dinner, there are so many good restaurants to choose from, you'll have trouble deciding. Take the opportunity to try one of the many gastronomic specialties, such as bucho (pork meat), lamb or roasted cod. Do not forget the desserts, the toucinho-do-céu (conventual pastry) and the pies of Guimarães are mandatory sweets. And the next day you have the opportunity to get back into shape...

At the end of the dinner you can check the cultural events calendar, with luck you still have time to watch a show at the Cultural Centre Vila Flor.

After a good night, go down to enjoy a good breakfast, already included with the accommodation. If the weather helps, you can have the breakfast  in one of the terraces that the Guimarães Youth Hostel has.

Then do not waste time! Get out with the map offered at the check-in, climb the hill and start with the Castle that is in the highest part of the Historical Centre, where there are the most important tourist attractions.

When you leave the Castle, almost in front, you will find the Church of St. Michael. According to the legend, the first king of Portugal, D. Afonso Henriques, was baptized here, and the baptismal font used in the ceremony is preserved.

Then go down a bit to get to know the Bragança Dukes Palace. It was built by D. Afonso - future Duke of Bragança, bastard son of King João I - and it was here were his second wife, D. Constança de Noronha lived. Here, you can buy the joint ticket - Palace and Alberto Sampaio Museum.

For José Saramago, this was one of the "most beautiful" museums he visited. Among the many pieces that you can observe, there is the loudel vest that D. João used in the Battle of Aljubarrota!

When you leave the museum, you can already smell the food that is being served for lunch in Oliveira and Santiago Squares. You just have to choose!

After lunch take a short walk to the House of Memory Museum, where you shall be able to understand the history of Guimarães and to realize what distinguishes and identifies the community.

Then go to see the latest exhibition of the Arts Platform, located in the old market of Guimarães. You should still have time to visit the workshop's pottery and perhaps, take home a masterpiece made by you.

To end the day in beauty, take the cable car to Penha Mountain. There at the top, besides an extraordinary view (sometimes you can even see the sea) and the Sanctuary, there is nature to explore, a set of monumental rocks and you must see the sunset.

Do you want to see more? You can also visit Citânia de Briteiros (archaeological ruins of a pre-Roman village), have a "bath" in the Caldas das Taipas Spa, visit "Campo da Ataca" (where, according to tradition, São Mamede Battle occurred  and began the independence of Portugal) or the Monastery of S. Torcato (one of the first evangelizers of the Iberian Peninsula), all this a few kilometres from Guimarães.

To get to know the city well, it is best to book at least two nights.

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Points of interest

» Monte Latito ou Colina Sagrada (Castelo, Paço dos Duques de Bragança), centro da cidade
» Centro Histórico Património Mundial, centro da cidade
» Zona de Couros, centro da cidade
» Museus (Museu de Alberto Sampaio, Museu da Sociedade Martins Sarmento, Plataforma das Artes e Criatividade) Centro da cidade
» Palácio e Centro Cultural Vila Flor, centro da cidade
» Montanha da Penha, cerca de 7 kmdo centro
» Teleférico de Guimarães (Guimarães-Penha), centro da cidade
» Briteiros (Museu da Cultura Castreja, Citânia de Briteiros) a cerca de 14km do centro
» Caldas das Taipas (Banhos Velhos) a cerca de 8 kmdo centro
» Vila de São Torcato (Campo da Ataca, Mosteiro de S. Torcato) a cerca de 5km do centro

Theme parks

» Scorpio – piscinas de recreio e diversão ao ar livre , Candoso Santiago – Guimarães

Places for sports practice

» Pista de Cicloturismo Guimarães-Fafe, Mesão Frio – Guimarães
» VivaPark, São Torcato – Guimarães
» Diver Lanhoso, Póvoa de Lanhoso (cerca de 30 km)

Leisure places nearby

» Taipas Termal, Vila das Taipas
» Piscina Municipal Candoso, Santiago, Guimarães
» Clube de Ténis de Guimarães, centro da cidade
» Praia de Vila do Conde (cerca de 50km)


» Percursos pedestres: Rota da Penha, Rota da Citânia, Rota de São Torcato
» Parque da Cidade, Centro da cidade
» Parque da Penha, Montanha da Penha
» Barragem da Queimadela, Fafe

Internet spots

» CyberCentro Guimarães
» Espaço Internet do Gabinete de Imprensa
» Espaço Internet do Centro Cultural Vila Flor
» Espaço Internet do Arquivo Alfredo Pimenta

Events and festivities

» Festivais de Gil Vicente, maio
» Festas da Cidade e Gualterianas, 1º fim-de-semana de agosto
» Feira Afonsina, setembro
» Guimarães Jazz, novembro
» Festas Nicolinas, novembro

Night life

» Bares nas praças e ruas do Centro Histórico, centro da cidade
» São Mamede – Centro de Artes e Espetáculo de Guimarães, centro da cidade
» Centro Cultural Vila Flor, centro da cidade
» Associação Convívio, centro da cidade
» CAR – Círculo de Arte e Recreio, Centro da cidade
» Património Club Guimarães, Parque das Hortas
» Pulse Social Club, Azurém


» Bucho recheado, bacalhau assado, cabrito assado, arroz de pica no chão, Toucinho-do-Céu, Tortas de Guimarães

Other points of interest

» Yellow Bus Guimarães Tour (centro da cidade)
» Passeio de Charrete (centro da cidade)

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