What you can do

Entertainment & Animation
Perform recreational activities of entertainment and animation (karaoke, dance, painting, games and others) for guests, inside and outside the hostel.

Paint & Decorate
Help to keep the internal and external beauty of the youth hostel, keeping its facilities and equipment always functional and well arranged.
Help during
25 hours per week, 5 hours per day
The minimum required period is 15 days and the maximum is 1 month (4 weeks), up to 2 participants per period.
Rotary shift schedule, from Tuesday to Saturday.
Week 1: 10:00/12:30+14:00/16:30
Week 2: 14:00/16:30+17:00/19:30
Week 3: 16:30/19:00+21:00/23:30
Week 4: 10:00/12:30+14:00/16:30
Available during
june july august september
What we offer

Weekly rest days
To know the region

Accommodation in a shared room (multiple room)


Hostel kitchen
Free access to the hostel kitchen where you can cook your own meals.

Laundry facilities
Free laundry (the washing and drying of your clothes is on us and if you need to, we will lend you the iron and the ironing board).

Shuttle Service
The pick up service between the train and/or bus station in the city of Abrantes is provided by us.

At the end you get a certificate of participation in the program
Mandatory requirements
Languages: Portuguese (preferred) and English (optional)
Age: > 18 years old
What's not included
All personal expenses related to travel and subsistence, including travel insurance, visa, medical assistance, other undiscriminated expenses.
The experience

Through this project you have the perfect opportunity to get to know the Centre of Portugal and enjoy the nature that surrounds the Pousada de Juventude of Abrantes. We are looking for dynamic and proactive people, with knowledge and skills to carry out maintenance work on equipment, DIY and decoration.

If you still have a skill to perform recreational activities and animation then you have the perfect "ingredients" for this exchange of work!

About the host

If you don’t know where Abrantes is, just look at a map of Portugal and you’ll see it’s in the centre of the country.

The Abrantes Youth Hostel is on a hill, between the town and the Tagus River. It offers you a wide variety of choices. 

During your stay, we suggest three trips for you – to Tomar, Constância and Sardoal.

If you want to get closer to nature, go to the Castelo de Bode dam and cool down in this lake on the Zêzere River, while you breathe in the healthy, fresh, and pure forest air of these serene parts.

If you stay at this hostel, savour the regional gastronomy, such as “Palha de Abrantes” (directly translated as Abrantes Straw), a heavenly mix of eggs, almonds, lemon zest, and sugar, or the “tigeladas”, a deliciously, creamy, eggy dessert made from, yes! eggs, flour, milk, sugar, and cinnamon, deriving its name from the “tigelas”, the individual clay dishes it’s baked in. Just don’t tell anyone, ... or you’ll have to share! 


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  Av. Engº Adelino Amaro da Costa 2200-195 Abrantes Portugal |   (+351) 241 377 169 / 925 664 987 |  abrantes@movijovem.pt
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