What you can do

Community work
Collaborate with the Alijo Parish Council in actions to support/recover public gardens in the village of Alijó.

Small Maintenance of outdoor spaces for garden areas and ground cover trees.
Help during
20 hours per week, 4 hours per day
The minimum required period is 8 days
9 am - 1 pm
Available during
september october
What we offer

Weekly rest days
To know the region

Multiple room (Shared Room)


Hostel kitchen
Free access to the hostel's kitchen

Laundry facilities
Free access to the hostel's laundry.

At the end you get a certificate of participation in the program
Mandatory requirements
> 18 years old
Optional requirements
Excellent command of the English and Portuguese language
What's not included
It is not included all personal expenses related to travel, including travel insurance, visa, medical assistance, etc. and those mentioned heretofore.
The experience

Gardening is the best emotional therapy, due to the contact with the soil and plants (sowing, planting) are ways of loving and knowing that something will come out of this work, it is simply wonderful.


This project is aimed at an audience with a peculiar taste for gardening, especially in direct contact with nature.


In this project what we propose is to take care of the garden of the Pousada de Juventude de Alijó,  maintaining the surrounding green spaces, and the possibility of collaborating with the Junta de Freguesia de Alijo, in actions of support/recovery of the public gardens in the village of Alijó.

About the host

Alijó Youth Hostel is classified as a Nature Adventure Hostel, there are multiple activities connected to nature and adventure sports.

Situated in an area of region of rare beauty, the Youth Hostel, affords you great conditions for some well-deserved rest and will give you a chance to visit Alijó and the surrounding vineyard region

It’s a springboard for an adventure in the Parque Natural do Douro Internacional (Douro International Natural Park), a World Heritage Site. Those who visit the region get an eye full of the region’s exceptional landscapes, come away with a tummy full of the excellent gastronomy, and walk away culturally richer, loaded with the history of the ancestral people.  

Kick off for an adventure, take delight in the local knowledge and popular traditions, indulge in the mouthwatering flavours, and at the end of the day, kick back and relax in the tranquility the Alijó Youth Hostel has to offer and makes available to everyone.  

Closed from 12/15/2019 to 12/26/2019

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