Nature Adventure


GPS 41º16'41,80''N | 7º28'34,01''W

Rua da Costinha, 10
5070-036 Alijó

T. (+351) 259 949 068 / 961 666 499

How to get there

Linha do Douro (Douro Line), from OOporto  to Vila do Pinhão (16 Kms) then continue to Pocinho.

A4: Amarante - Vila Real - Alijó, or Bragança - Mirandela - Murça - Alijó
IC5 (Miranda do Douro-Alijó)
A24: Viseu - Lamego - Alijó
EN 322 (National Road 322) Peso da Régua
The interior of the County is traversed by the EN 212 (National Road 212), connecting to the North on the EN 15 (National Road 15) which takes you to Vila Real, and Southbound by the EN 222 (National Road 222) going towardsPinhão/Régua, and to the East via the EN 323 (National Road 323), which connects the County to Sabrosa.


We have various types of rooms and services available, suitable for all our guests, either travelling individually or in groups.

Open 24 hours
Reception schedule: 08h00 to 24h00

Meals available for groups of 20 or more people, with a minimum 3-day advance reservation.

Lunch / Dinner / Packed lunch - 8 €
Buffet Lunch / Dinner - 13,5 €

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Alijó Youth Hostel is classified as a Nature Adventure Hostel, there are multiple activities connected to nature and adventure sports.

Situated in an area of region of rare beauty, the Youth Hostel, affords you great conditions for some well-deserved rest and will give you a chance to visit Alijó and the surrounding vineyard region

It’s a springboard for an adventure in the Parque Natural do Douro Internacional (Douro International Natural Park), a World Heritage Site. Those who visit the region get an eye full of the region’s exceptional landscapes, come away with a tummy full of the excellent gastronomy, and walk away culturally richer, loaded with the history of the ancestral people.  

Kick off for an adventure, take delight in the local knowledge and popular traditions, indulge in the mouthwatering flavours, and at the end of the day, kick back and relax in the tranquility the Alijó Youth Hostel has to offer and makes available to everyone.  


For the time being, and due to the exceptional circumstances related to COVID-19, Common kitchen and Laundry services are not available.

Closed from 11/25/2020 to 12/29/2020

Capacity and Facilities | We have a total of 70 beds
Twin ensuite rooms
Twin ensuite rooms, suitable for wheelchair users
Multibedded rooms (4 beds)
Family room for 3 persons and WC


Alijó: a splendid kingdom nearby

The youth hostel of Alijó offers multiple activities linked to the nature and adventure sports.

Located in a region surrounded by the beauty of Douro, the Youth Hostel of Alijó gives the perfect conditions have a well-deserved break to whom wishes to visit Alijó and the wine region.

The starting point must be the Douro International Nature Park, world heritage, and be fulfilled with just a glance of the eye. The landscapes of the region, the local traditional food and the local culture of the ancient people are some the points of interest.

Turning into the adventure, this is a place of worship. You can absorb the local knowledge, taste the traditional food and, at the end of the day you can enjoy the peaceful Youth Hostel of Alijó, which is available to everyone who wants to come.


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