Historical Cultural
Ponte de Lima


GPS 41º45'39,60''N | 8º35'24,42''W

Rua Papa João Paulo II
4990-062 Ponte de Lima

T. (+351) 258 751 321 / 963 344 304
E. pontelima@movijovem.pt

How to get there

Lisboa (420 Km), Oporto (95 Km), Faro (725 Km) - exit: Ponte de Lima

Lisboa (Lisbon), Oporto and Faro: exit Viana do Castelo
From the bus stop / Train station catch the bus from Ponte de Lima that goes through Darque (in the direction of the Hospital), it stops 100 m away from the Hostel.

Oporto: A3 (Oporto) / A27 (Viana do Castelo) - exit: Ponte de Lima - cross ponte nova (the new bridge) - Correlhã - 10 minutes away from the Youth Hostel


We have various types of rooms and services available, suitable for all our guests, either travelling individually or in groups.

Open 24 hours
Reception schedule: 08h00 to 24h00

Meals available for groups of 20 or more people, with a minimum 3-day advance reservation.

Lunch / Dinner / Packed lunch - 8 €
Buffet Lunch / Dinner - 13,5 €

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Did you know there's a new Youth Hostel at Ponte de Lima?

It's brand new and you can actually be one of the first people to benefit from its modern and comfortable rooms. Besides, the typical northern village it is located in offers you colourful, rural scenery full of attractions to visit.

You can either follow the “tourist route” set up by the local council, which leads you around the most important monuments of the historic centre; or discover that amazing legacy by yourself, without having to follow the signs.

But let us give you a few hints: go to the Monte da Madalena belvedere, so that you can get a panoramic view of Ponte de Lima; visit the nature reserve of Lagoas de Bertiandos and S. Pedro de Arcos and, to top it all in beauty, take the time to go for a swim in the river Lima.

If you're an extrovert and you like partying, the best time to come to this ancient walled town is the third week of September, when the village hosts the Feiras Novas, traditional festivities that bring thousands of people to town. 

 Closed from 11/25/2020 to 12/29/2020


Capacity and Facilities | We have a total of 52 beds
Double bedrooms with WC
Double bedrooms without WC
Multiple bedrooms with 4 beds


Ponte de Lima: a "bridge" to many good things

Planted by the river, this Youth Hostel seeks to satisfy the expectations of the clients who visit it, having a magnificent view of the nature that surrounds it, as well as a great facilities.

Ponte de Lima is much more than a getaway destination or a family vacation. It is a village full of history, traditions and nooks to know.

Among the many traditions, we highlight the Cow of the Strings and the New Fairs (the festivities of the village of Ponte de Lima), which attract crowds every year.

Gastronomy ... we do not even talk! It's all very good, although the Sarrabulho Rice excels with distinction!


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