Cosa puoi fare

Cura della natura
Reproduction of natural resources in the garden of the Pousada, for the knowledge of visitors, which allows care instead of taking.

Lavoro comunitario
During the collection of the type of aromatic herbs existing in the Park, the volunteers will participate in the cleaning of the trails (collection of garbage left by imprudent visitors);

Create a bank of aromatic herbs in the garden of the Pousada (planting, watering and caring), identify the plants and their use, collection and treatment of resources for domestic use.
Aiuto nel corso
25 ore a settimana, 5 ore al giorno
Il periodo minimo richiesto è 8 days
9am -11am
3pm - 5.30pm
Disponibile durante
Marzo Aprile Maggio Giugno
Cosa offriamo

Giorni di riposo settimanali
Per conoscere la regione

Accommodation in a shared room (group): get to know your partners better by staying in a shared room.


Servizi di lavanderia
The laundry service is provided by us

Alla fine si ottiene un certificato di partecipazione al programma
Altre offerte
Also we offer you a guided visit to the caves, an access to the municipal swimming pools and an ticket to the Castle of Porto de Mós.
Requisiti obbligatori
Language: Intermediate command of English
Age: > 18 years old.
Requisiti opzionali
Knowledge in the area of trekking, aromatic herbs and ecological resources.
Cosa non è incluso
All personal expenses related to travel and stay, including travel insurance, visa, medical assistance, and other non-specified expenses.

The Pousada de Juventude de Alvados is located in the heart of the Aire and Candeeiros Mountains Natural Park. In order to achieve a sustainable tourism development, we intend to develop an ecological project, which allows visitors to learn about the Park's natural resources and their sustainable use.

Volunteers participating in this project have to make an effort to recognize the Park's trails in order to identify the existing aromatic herbs. During this survey they will carry out community work with the cleaning of the trails, collecting garbage, which was left on the paths due to the imprudence of some people.

Afterwards, a bank of aromatic herbs will be created in the Pousada's garden, with the plants duly identified. The introduction of these aromatic herbs in the garden, in addition to the beautification of the garden, allows visitors to get to know some of the resources of the Natural Park, in this case aromatic herbs. The aromatic herbs will be identified with the name and possible use (teas, natural incense, culinary use among others).

This project therefore has several aspects: ecological, sustainable tourism and community exchange.

This project has as a partner the Municipality of Porto de Mós and the Union of Parishes of Alvados and Alcaria.

Riguardo l'ospitante

The Alvados - Oporto Mós Hostel is not only brand new, but it also offers you a wide range of exciting activities.

Start by discovering the secrets of the Parque Natural das Serras de Aire e Candeeiros (Serras de Aire and Candeeiros Natural Park) or the Grutas de Alvados, Santo António e Mira de Aire (Alvados Caves, Santo António and Mira de Aire, and become a speleologist, caver or even just a spelunker for a day! The Parque Natural da Serra de Aire e Candeeiros (Serras de Aire and Candeeiros Natural Park)  harbours incredibly exquisite natural beauty and unique landscapes, but it’s better known for its expansive Caves, its surprising rock formations, and belezas naturais e paisagísticas únicas, mas é mais conhecido pelas suas Grutas, pelas suas formações rochosas e pela riquíssima representação fóssil.

It’s a popular place to soak in the surrounding nature and enjoy outdoor pursuits like hiking and bike riding, on the marked walking trail and mountain biking routes. Speleology and mountain climbing stand out as the highlights of this region.

There is also a strong historical heritage, represented by the Castelo de Oporto de Mós (Oporto de Mós Castle), the Mosteiro da Batalha and the Mosteiro de Aljubarrota (Batalha, and Aljubarrota Monasteries), intrinsically connected through their history.

All in all, great reasons to pay us a visit! What are you waiting for?!


For the time being, and due to the exceptional circumstances related to COVID-19, Common kitchen and Laundry services are not available.

Closed from 11/25/2020 to 12/29/2020



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