Cosa puoi fare

Pittura & decorazione
Perform small paintings in the interior and exterior of the Youth Hostel

Carry out small maintenance work inside the Youth Hostel

Lavoro comunitario
Undertake community awareness actions, organize small groups of people and clean and maintain the Castelinho Leisure Park.
Aiuto nel corso
20 ore a settimana, 4 ore al giorno
Il periodo minimo richiesto è 15 days
Monday to Friday
10am to 12pm - 2pm to 4pm
Limited to 2 participants per month JUNE, JULY, SEPTEMBER, OCTOBER, NOVEMBER and DECEMBER
Disponibile durante
Giugno Luglio Agosto Settembre Ottobre Novembre Dicembre
Cosa offriamo

Giorni di riposo settimanali
Per conoscere la regione

Accommodation in a shared room with private bathroom


Cucina dell'ostello
Free access to the hostel kitchen to cook your own meals

Servizi di lavanderia
Free access to the hostel laundry to take care of your clothes.

Alla fine si ottiene un certificato di partecipazione al programma
Altre offerte
Availability of a bicycle. Discount at a village restaurant.
Requisiti obbligatori
Age: > 18 years old
Language: Portuguese and/or English (spoken)
Requisiti opzionali
Spirit of Adventure
Cosa non è incluso
All extra and personal expenses, meals, travel, insurance, medical assistance, others not mentioned, etc. are not included.

In Vila Nova de Cerveira, we are proud of the green spaces, ecovias (bike paths and roads of low traffic), and a river (Minho) that rises in Spain. We are connected to the arts and crafts in several ways. If you fancy the arts and like to preserve nature and built heritage, here you will find your world. Come here!...

Riguardo l'ospitante

It is worth coming to spend a few days in Vila Nova de Cerveira!

Famous for the Bienal de Arte Moderna (Modern Art Biennial) held since 1978, in odd-numbered years, and which attracts a large number of domestic and foreign artists, Vila Nova de Cerveira has become a permanent showroom under open skies, yes! in the open, with many of the biennial works scattered across the town. In addition, there are several art galleries, so you can draw the conclusion that Cerveira is the "Village of the Arts" and mandatory destination for lovers of modern art.

For a panoramic overview of the village all the way to Galicia, you have the statue of King Cervo, not forgetting the Aquamuseu (Aqua museum). All places not to be missed, on the magnificent riverfront!

And because this is a friendly town, that you'll certainly like, it is best to come for some time. Paredes de Coura is very near here. With some luck you might still catch the festival!

The Hostel is perfect for you and your friends! Right next to the Hostel you have a biological park, where you can explore botanical trails or play football, basketball, volleyball and anything that takes your fancy!


For the time being, and due to the exceptional circumstances related to COVID-19, Common kitchen and Laundry services are not available.

 Closed from 11/25/2020 to 12/29/2020


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  Rua Alto das Veigas, EN13 4920-222 Vila Nova de Cerveira Portugal |   (+351) 251 709 933 / 925 665 092 |
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