Cosa puoi fare

Insegnamento delle lingue
Teach Portuguese to tourists

Abilità condivise e conoscenze
Outlining programs and visits to places of interest in the city of Tavira and its surroundings, teaching local customs and gastronomy, and conducting guided tours of the city for Pousada de Juventude guests.

Pittura & decorazione
Carry out minor maintenance work: painting, fixing and repairs
Aiuto nel corso
25 ore a settimana, 5 ore al giorno
Il periodo minimo richiesto è 8 days, maximum 1 month
From Wednesday to Sunday:
Week 1: 09:30/11:30 + 13:30/16:30
Week 2: 09:30/11:30 + 13:30/16:30
Week 3: 09:30/11:30 + 13:30/16:30
Week 4: 09:30/11:30 + 13:30/16:30
Disponibile durante
Giugno Luglio Agosto Settembre Ottobre
Cosa offriamo

Giorni di riposo settimanali
Per conoscere la regione

Shared room (group): get to know your colleague better by staying in a shared room.


Cucina dell'ostello
Free access to the hostel kitchen to cook your own meals.

Servizi di lavanderia
Free of charge - the laundry is provided by us

Alla fine si ottiene un certificato di partecipazione al programma
Requisiti obbligatori
Intermediate command of Portuguese and English.
Age: > 18 years old.
Cosa non è incluso
All personal expenses related to travel and subsistence, including travel insurance, visa, medical assistance, other non-specified expenses.

Tavira is a city of contrast between urban and rural, acquiring its versatility between historical/cultural, landscape, artistic, gastronomic and religious. A city of good contrasts, rich and inspiring. A pleasant city to live and share the history and customs to its visitors. This project will give you the opportunity to carry out a series of activities, on one hand teaching tourists the Portuguese language, designing programmes and guided tours to places of interest in the city, sharing local customs and gastronomy, on the other hand, you will also have the opportunity to share skills and knowledge in small painting works, mending and repairing the Pousada de Juventude. The programme is organised into two shifts, the former of two hours in the morning for activities outside the Youth Hostel, the latter of three hours in the afternoon for small jobs inside the Youth Hostel. The remaining hours, well, those are entirely up to you to explore and live all that the city has to offer!

Riguardo l'ospitante

Getting to know Tavira will take time. Therefore, it is best you come over with plenty of time, and an unscheduled return date. Leave your things at the Youth Hostel and set off on the discovery of this beautiful city.

You can start with a walk along the rio Gilão (Gilão River). In the background, you can see its passage to the sea where it meets the Atlantic Ocean. Unmissable and well worth it!

And because there is no shortage of history here, get ready because this is a city full of the traces of our ancestors, you can’t skip an investigative expedition of the city!

From the Castle walls, to the roughly 11 kilometers of excellent beaches, and not forgetting the Reserva Natural da Ria Formosa (Ria Formosa Nature Reserve), all definitely worthwhile.

This Youth Hostel forms part of the mystique of Tavira where we can find many influences of its past Islamic, and Roman rule just a few steps away. The Arab influenced decor is one of the most amazing features, as well as the original facade that has remained preserved in this over 100-year old building, where the Hostel was erected.


For the time being, and due to the exceptional circumstances related to COVID-19, Common kitchen and Laundry services are not available.

Closed from 11/25/2020 to 12/29/2020

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