Cosa puoi fare

Cura della natura
Carry out cleaning work on the banks of the Lima River

Lavoro comunitario
Provide support and assistance to Pilgrims on the Way to Santiago

Carry out minor maintenance work on outdoor spaces for garden areas and ground cover trees.
Aiuto nel corso
20 ore a settimana, 4 ore al giorno
Il periodo minimo richiesto è 15 days, maximum 1 month
From Tuesday to Saturday from 2pm to 6pm
Disponibile durante
Giugno Luglio Agosto Settembre Ottobre
Cosa offriamo

Giorni di riposo settimanali
Per conoscere la regione

Accommodation in a shared room: get to know your teammate better by staying in a shared room.


Cucina dell'ostello
Free access to the hostel's kitchen to cook your own meals.

Servizi di lavanderia
Free access to the hostel's laundry

Alla fine si ottiene un certificato di partecipazione al programma
Requisiti obbligatori
Language: Intermediate command of Portuguese
Age: > 18 years old.
Cosa non è incluso
All personal expenses related to travel and stay, including travel insurance, visa, medical assistance, other non-detailed expenses.

Viana do Castelo is one of the most beautiful cities in the country, district capital and considered by many the "princess of Lima". It is a city full of traditions and architectural heritage. A city with a river, sea and beautiful gardens, highly visited by national and international tourists, but also by pilgrims on the Way to Santiago. This project seeks to reconcile three strands of action by the volunteer: taking care of the landscaped spaces, cleaning up the banks of the Lima River, but also providing support and assistance to pilgrims on the Way to Santiago, whether in helping with the transport of luggage or providing tourist information of interest.

Come help and get to know our city and our traditions!


Riguardo l'ospitante

Viana do Castelo is one of the most beautiful cities in the country! Considered by many the "Princess of Lima ", this noble city of Minho coast is located at the foot of Monte de Santa Luzia (Mount Santa Luzia), overlooking the rio Lima (Lima River), the city easily enchants any visitor.

Viana do Castelo is also a city packed with traditions and an extensive architectural heritage, it was recently considered the " mecca of architecture."

The Viana do Castelo Youth Hostel is incorporated in this superb context, it provides magnificent views of the hill and the river, and supplies all the necessary conditions for a great stay in the heart of the Alto Minho!

It’s a starting point for a trip to the beach, a cooling swim in the sea, or the river, or even simply a visit to the monuments and the historic center of this city, you cannot miss a visit to the Santuário de Santa Luzia(Santa Luzia Sanctuary), not only for its sheer monumentalism, but also for the imposing and panoramic vistas over the city!


For the time being, and due to the exceptional circumstances related to COVID-19, Common kitchen and Laundry services are not available.

 Closed from 11/25/2020 to 12/29/2020


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