ESPINHO: Catch this wave

Modern and comfortable, Espinho Youth Hostel was created regarding all details.
It is really close to the multipurpose sports pavilion, what makes the hostel very appealing for sport groups. It is also meant for families and solo travelers, as it is in a quiet place where nature and urbanism live in harmony.

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Nature Adventure

Alijó: a splendid kingdom nearby

The youth hostel of Alijó offers multiple activities linked to the nature and adventure sports.

Located in a region surrounded by the beauty of Douro, the Youth Hostel of Alijó gives the perfect conditions have a well-deserved break to whom wishes to visit Alijó and the wine region.

The starting point must be the Douro International Nature Park, world heritage, and be fulfilled with just a glance of the eye. The landscapes of the region, the local traditional food and the local culture of the ancient people are some the points of interest.

Turning into the adventure, this is a place of worship. You can absorb the local knowledge, taste the traditional food and, at the end of the day you can enjoy the peaceful Youth Hostel of Alijó, which is available to everyone who wants to come.

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Historical Cultural

Guimarães: conquest the cradle city

Here is a unique opportunity to get to know the secrets of Guimarães and its surroundings…

Located in the center of town, Guimarães Youth Hostel is a privileged starting point to visit the historical center – World Heritage since 2001 – with all of its typical little streets and cozy plazas. In your way to the Castle, you can visit the Ducal Palace and pretend you’re living in ancient times.

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Tavira: the “slow” city

Getting to know Tavira will take time. Therefore, it is best you come over with plenty of time, and an unscheduled return date. Leave your things at the Youth Hostel and set off on the discovery of this beautiful city.

You can start with a walk along the rio Gilão (Gilão River). In the background, you can see its passage to the sea where it meets the Atlantic Ocean. Unmissable and well worth it!

And because there is no shortage of history here, get ready because this is a city full of the traces of our ancestors, you can’t skip an investigative expedition of the city!

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